Lodge Positions


  1. Chairman of the Lodge Executive Board
  2. Member of the Key 3
  3. Oversees all Lodge operations
  4. Casts deciding vote on all committee ties
  5. Appoints Chairmen for all committees with the approval of the Key 3
  6. Responsible for all actions of the Lodge, it’s committees and it’s members
  7. Ad-Hoc member of all committees
  8. Serves as a youth member of the Leatherstocking Council Executive Board



  1. Fills in for the Lodge Chief when he is unable to attend meetings or events
  2. Member of the Lodge Executive Board
  3. Performs other duties as designated by the Lodge Chief



  1. Member of the Lodge Executive Board
  2. Take and maintain neatly the minutes of all Lodge meetings and read the minutes for approvalat the next Lodge meeting.
  3. If the Secretary is unable to attend a meeting he must find a substitute for that meeting toneatly take notes.
  4. Maintain all past Lodge minutes and records
  5. The minutes shall contain the names of all Officers and Advisers in attendance at each meetingalong with the starting and ending times.
  6. Editor in Chief of the Lodge Newsletter
  7. Webmaster for the Lodge Webpage
  8. Responsible for all committees under his direction
  9. Send approved copy of the minutes to all Lodge Executive Board members, and Advisers.



  1. Member of the Lodge Executive Board
  2. Submits requests to the Council Service Center for checks to be issued at the behest of the Executive Board
  3. Record and maintains all financial records of the Lodge
  4. Oversees the Trading Post and Lodge inventory
  5. Presents annual Lodge budget to the Executive Board for review.
  6. Plans, submits for approval, and oversees all fund-raising events for the Lodge